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By lakecountry95787363, Feb 20 2020 10:13PM

Method 1

All of the essential alignments that we use for the wu chi standing position are in use with the Hugging The Tree posture. The only difference is that we raise our arms to just below shoulder height in front of our bodies as if we were holding a large ball within the insides of our arms. The arms should be steady but relaxed. The elbows should not be raised. The shoulders need to be relaxed. The hands should not connect but be close to one another.

The Focus / Intent:

In the Hugging The Tree posture we want to imagine upon the inhalation that we are drawing an energetic flow through the left hand through the forearm and through the shoulder culminating the inhalation and the energy draw through the left arm with a focus in the center of the chest (heart region). Upon exhalation we imagine this energy moving from the center of the chest down and out the right arm culminating the exhalation with the energy sensation reaching the tips of the fingers of the right hand and transitioning back into the left hand upon the start of the next inhalation/exhalation cycle.

This practice is done in 6-12-18 cycles. At the end of a cycle of breathing we then reverse the intent with the right hand/arm being where the energy enters upon inhalation and proceed as before only reversed.

Once finished with the two equal cycles of breathing and focus bring the hands down to the lower abdomen about two inches below the navel. Right hand over left for men and left hand over right for women. Breathe deeply expanding the diaphragm and abdomen to center your breathing and your focus. This completes the exercise.

Method 2

All of the same principles apply as before but the focus is different.

The Focus / Intent:

When beginning the inhalation the focus should be on energy traveling through both arms simultaneously in through the heart, down the center of the torso and situating itself 2 inches below the navel upon the culmination of the inhalation. Upon exhalation the energy should be willed down both legs simultaneously and out the bottom of the feet just behind the ball of the foot. Again cycles of breathing and focus are done in 6-12-18 rounds. Whichever one is most comfortable with.

Then simply reverse the focus with the energy being willed up the legs to the abdomen with the inhalation and up through the torso and out both arms to the hands upon exhalation.

Again upon completion of the breathing cycle in both directions bring the hands back to the abdomen and do three deep breaths.

This completes the exercise.

By lakecountry95787363, Apr 27 2018 07:21PM

One general tendency that I have seen with new patients when it comes to acupuncture therapy is a lack of understanding and thus apprehension to the needling procedure. Once an individual experiences the process all of that misguided worry or concern vanishes because they truly see how simple and relaxing the procedure can be.

The truth of the matter is that the needling process in acupuncture is almost always painless. There are certain sensations that can be had but they would not be categorized as painful. Patients can feel heaviness around the needles, sometimes a slight pulling sensation, sometimes itching or tingling but rarely ever any pain. The reason there is no pain is due to the needles being so thin. They are literally the thickness of a cat's whisker so they do not damage tissue of any kind and are thus rarely ever painful.

The needles that we use at Lake Country Acupuncuture are completely sterile, used on time and then incinerated nevr to be used again! The risk of infection is basically 0. In the fifteen years I have been practicing I haven't seen one case of infection EVER! So not to worry, hygiene is of utmost importance!

The acupuncing treatments last 30 minutes and essentally you lay down on a comfortable table and relax and hopefully take a little nap while the needles are retained The needles are inserted to a very shallow depth at ost a centimeter. A patient can have anywhere from 1-30 needles inserted but usually it is closer to 15 or so. Simpler and less is always more effective.

Acupuncture is incredibly simple in its action. A lot of practitioners talk about Chi and Meridians which are strange and mystic concepts. We don't need to go there that just confuses things. All we are doing during treatment is stimulating the nervous system. When we stimulate the nervous system we move blood. This is the key to how acupuncture works.

Any disease process is a blockage of circulation or a weakness of circulation at its root. If we can get blood moving it will break down congestion as it is a waste removal tool and will do that. Also, by bringing oxygen, nutrients, hormones, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients where they need to go we can help the body heal and improve its ability to function. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

That is why acupuncture is so effective for so many different conditions. More than likely we can help you with your problem. The patients we see have been let down left and right but we find a way to help them heal. Coe see what we can do for you!

By lakecountry95787363, Aug 10 2016 11:44PM

When we think of medicine in this country we immediately think of illness. Granted, we cannot have a remedy without a problem, but our minds have been carefully conditioned to consider medicine as a means of treating a disease and not one of maintaining and stabilizing health. One cannot be blamed for this. We are constantly bombarded with articles and advertisements about the next revolutionary drug and we are encouraged to suggest to our doctors the prescription that they should be giving us. How many times have you heard, “Ask your doctor about: Lunesta, Abilify or Humira as an example? It seems commonplace in our world. If I have this symptom, then I’d better take this drug to treat that symptom. Logical right? Point A to point B. Or is it? Maybe, just maybe we are looking at medicine and healthcare in a very rudimentary and linear way. What is truly behind our health and our wellness? What do we need to truly stay well? What is the right medicine? Furthermore what is the right mindset to have?

Our bodies are quite miraculous. They are constantly healing and replenishing themselves in every way shape and form. The health problems we develop almost always are because of a malfunctioning in a system or systems that otherwise function normally. This “disease process” can happen for a number of different reasons. In the paragraphs ahead I will highlight some of the reasons our bodies can malfunction, what we can do to reverse these negative changes and more importantly how we can maintain our well being.

Imbalance is something that seems to prevail in this world. There are so many ways we can become imbalanced and subsequently unwell. In Chinese medicine we believe there are both internal and external causes for one’s imbalance. The internal causes are those of the emotional responses to certain stimulus in our environment. What we call internal pernicious influences. They can range from anger and resentment, jealousy and worry, to being overly excitable or easily startled and chronically fearful. These emotional responses are imbalanced when the system that generates them is imbalanced. If we have a poor lifestyle, are constantly stressed, eat empty or processed food and constantly surround ourselves with trying situations we will weaken the foundation that our body and minds rely upon in order to healthily respond to environmental stimulus. So the key to conquering imbalance and disease is to nourish the source. A medical practitioner cannot take stress away but we can certainly guide an individual in the right direction to build up resistance to stress and respond appropriately to it.

There are also external influences. These range from the food we eat and what we drink to the very nature of our surroundings. From our environmental climate to the people we surround ourselves with as well as how we organize our household. Again, the stimulus can be adjusted and that is part of the whole equation, but we need to strengthen our resistance to these stimuli in order to prevail. In short we need to have optimal system function in order to deal with life. Otherwise it will generate illness and survival will be in peril.

Our bodily organs control our bodily function. Health is only possible when all of our organ systems are functioning properly. Other than trauma, illness occurs for two reasons. One is because we are susceptible to illness. If our functional defense is down we are open to invasion. The second reason is functional loss. When a system is not functioning well, then it cannot deal with what is required of it well enough to sustain health. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we maintain and sustain bodily function and feed our defense systems to maintain health. So the question is how do we do this?

Simply, we give our bodies what they need.

That comes with the obvious tenants of good health. A wholefood-based, well-rounded nutritious diet, avoiding processed and refined foods, drinking plenty of clean water, exercising regularly and getting ample rest. These are essential. However, sometimes these essential pieces are not possible because of underlying malfunction. For example. If you can’t shut your mind down at night, how can you sleep properly? If you have significant inflammation and pain in your knee, how can you stay efficiently active? Thankfully there is another functional tool that has been used by billions of people for thousands of years that can address these issues and many other underlying problems. Most people, certainly in the western world have very little understanding of this system of medicine and its ability to stimulate optimal function in the human body. This tool is called Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is the insertion of hair thin needles into certain points around the body. When this insertion takes place a number of interesting things happen. Immediately the nervous system is signaled. Depending on the placement of the needles we are able to stimulate specific nervous channels. In doing this we encourage the movement of circulation along with it. So in actuality we are moving circulation of blood and energy into the area of the body where it is needed. Blood is a major waste removal tool and when stimulated it will break down obstruction of all kinds. Whether it’s inflammation, which most times it is, or if it is tension in the nerve or some form of fluid congestion, moving circulation through these areas will remove obstruction and restore smooth function. More than this, when circulation is encouraged into an area via the acupuncture stimulus, oxygen, nutrients and hormones that go with it will get into the system where they are needed in order to strengthen the function of that given system.

The majority of disease is because of congestion and stagnation within a certain system or because the area in question is weak and functioning poorly as a result. By stimulating circulation we can resolve the overall majority of health problems, because that is what is needed to heal. Without it we cease to be. The human body is amazingly versatile but even so it can become weakened by years of abuse. If we eat refined sugars and oils for many years we will generate weaknesses in our digestive systems. If we endure intense stress day in, day out it will affect our adrenal system, liver and cardiovascular system. Over time even our bodies succumb to poor choices. The great news is our bodies heal 100 times quicker than it takes for most disease and illness to progress. If we stimulate complacent nerves in parts of our body that are weakened or congested we can get the essential healing elements via the circulation into these problematic areas, and as a result the body’s function goes up and our bodies heal. Precisely as they are designed to. It’s really as simple as that.

The time it takes varies from person to person but once corrective healing has occurred we use acupuncture to maintain the integrity of our health. For thousands of years in China the Acupuncture physicians were paid if the patient in question was well, not if they were sick! Seems like the reverse of our current conventional model eh?! So, in our practice we will get a person well and then maintain their health. Frequency of treatment becomes far less necessary once the body is doing the work. It is far more sensible to promote ones health to avoid disease rather than waiting for disease to take hold which is far too often the nature of the western medical model. It is all about function! If we stimulate function and get it to its most optimal level we will be healthy. That is what acupuncture does. It enhances body and mind function. Why not use the most powerful healing element we have? Our own minds and bodies.

Once we use acupuncture to stimulate our own ability to heal and truly heal, our mindset changes. We develop a depth of understanding of how amazing our systems are and that maintenance is the key to long, healthy and happy lives. Our goal at Lake Country Acupuncture is to help as many people as possible have optimal wellbeing from the inside out. That starts with the individual. Once you see it for yourself you will know the amazing power your body has to heal and you will continue to change the minds of others. Pills and surgery are not the only answers and we have other options. Come see what we can do to help you be as healthy as you can be! Come find the missing link! You!

By lakecountry95787363, Dec 7 2015 09:57PM

There are so many things we can do to keep ourselves healthy both inside and out! Acupuncture is a tool we use to make sure that the body is in balance and functioning smoothly. However, we can’t get treatment all the time. It is very important that we continue the balancing act outside of the treatment room. I wanted to give everybody 5 top tips for staying as well as they possibly can as this year comes to a close, so that we all have a jump on the New Year being as healthy as possible. So here we go!

1. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! A great statement if there ever was one! Easier said than done though, right?! How very important this is! There is by all accounts a true story of a 250 year old man from Sichuan, China. Apparently he lived from 1678 to 1927. It is all well documented in China, in fact there is a book about his life and teachings. His name was Li Qing Yu. Look him up! Regardless of how long he lived the wisdom he imparts is vital for all of us to live long, happy lives. He was a Taoist hermit and spent the majority of his life collecting herbs in the rural mountain expanses of China and Tibet. He had much wisdom to impart. One such piece was called Qing Jing Wu Wei. This means clarity, tranquility and non-action. He claimed this was one vital part of his ability to live for so long. The very best way to find this in our hearts and minds is to take time every day to be still. To breathe. To just be. It sounds simple but give it a try. It can be a lot harder than it sounds. Regardless of that, anything worth doing requires time and effort. The irony here is how difficult it can be to relinquish effort and just be. Every day find 10-20 minutes to slow your mind down. Sit or stand upright and just focus on the breath. That’s it. If thoughts come in, recognize them and let them go. Bring your mind back to the breath. Keep your eyes closed and relax.

We all tend to live such fast paced exhaustive lives that by taking a moment to still our minds and just breathe we can do so very much to recharge ourselves. Simply by stopping and relaxing. That is all. There is truly a lot to be gained by just stopping and letting go for a brief moment every day. You WILL feel more clarity and your stress levels will drop dramatically. I guarantee it!

2. STAY HYDRATED! This is super important and can’t be overestimated. We tend to forget this when the weather turns cold and we sweat less, but we still need vital water to keep on going. As every car needs oil to run, every human body needs water to function. However, don’t just turn on the tap and drink what comes out. Municipal tap water can be full of toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. There is tons of research that labels these as very harmful substances when ingested. It is just better to avoid them. Well water can be contaminated too. Also, do remember that what the FDA says is ok, isn’t always the case. They have a standard “yes”, but that standard is right around a C-, just passing! If we are alive we don’t want to just live we want to thrive, right? I recommend 2 sources of water. Spring water is great, but there can be no guarantees of the source there either. Unfortunately our world is toxic all over. Some spring water is great, some not so much. Know your source and do some research if you drink spring water. The best way to consume water is through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis cleans our water source very well but can deplete it of trace minerals and natural elements that our bodies need like potassium and sodium. A great way to replace these is by taking half a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt and add it to a gallon of reverse osmotic water. This will replenish the loss of vital nutrients as the Himalayan salt contains a large majority of trace minerals, sodium and potassium to name just a few. Every human being should be drinking half of their bodyweight in ounces of water a day. This sounds like a lot, but this is what it takes to stay fully hydrated. Try it, and within a few days you will feel like a new person. I guarantee it!

3. NOURISH YOUR BODY! This is a broad, far-reaching category but let’s touch on the essentials. Most informed people know you need five portions of fruit and vegetables a day give your body what it needs to stay healthy. This is the bare minimum. You can’t eat too many vegetables! So feel free to eat as many as you like. Fruit is great too, but contains much more sugar so eat less than you would veggies. Some people have a dislike of the taste of veggies and fruits. Fair enough. That can happen when your diet hasn’t been the best for many years. There is a solution to this. Find a high quality whole food fruit and veggie meal replacement powder. We at Lake Country Acupuncture would be happy to suggest the ones we know are great. This can help take a lot of the effort out of eating your five a day. In today’s fast paced world supplementation has almost become necessary. Nowadays the soil is so depleted and buying organic can get costly, so supplementing is advisable. However, don’t just buy any brand of multivitamin. Contact us. We always carry nothing but the best at our clinic and would be happy to help you find the right one for you. There are so many out there and the choice can be overwhelming. Let us know. We are here to help. Nourishing your body can be fun and easy, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Once you start getting vital nutrients in you will feel like a new person. I guarantee it!

4. KEEP MOVING! This is very important. If you don’t use it, you lose it! So true. The best kind of movement is slow and smooth. Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, tai chi etc. All of these are great. The hardest part about staying active is starting to be active. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Start slow. Take a five minute walk around the office or around your block. Increase this to 10 minutes after a week and so on and so forth until you are jogging around the block. I don’t however recommend jogging around the office! Once you get into a routine of moving you will carry that habit along. That first step is the hardest but once you take it, the rest of the way is smooth sailing. Just by moving, you will add years to your life. It doesn’t have to be aggressive movement. Just move. Build up to more aggressive intense workouts if you want, but you don’t have to. Breaking a light sweat is more than enough to keep all of your vital organs in good functioning order. If you take 20-30mins a day to move you will feel happy and vital. I guarantee it!

5. GET ENOUGH REST! Always a priority for good health. I have a lot of patients who have a hard time sleeping. This is almost always down to the fact that their lives are so stressful and fast paced that they can’t shut their minds off, or they have depleted their adrenal and other balancing endocrine systems to a point that their bodies are not regulating their sleep cycles anymore. This can be helped! Acupuncture and different herbal supplements can correct this issue indeed, but there are also plenty of things one can do away from the clinic to get better rest. I would ask anyone who is having trouble sleeping to refer to the above four guaranteed tips to get better sleep. If you follow the guidelines above it should dramatically help your sleep cycles. There are also other fine points you can pay attention. Avoid refined processed foods. These foods, if you can call them, that contain a lot of different chemicals and preservatives that can really disrupt your sleep patterns and numerous other functions in your system. Buy and eat organically when and where possible. Get some fresh air and sun light. If you are cooped up inside bent over a computer desk trying to meet a deadline, no wonder you aren’t sleeping. Getting 10-20 minutes of fresh air and sunlight a day will greatly regulate your sleep cycle. When you go to bed, go to bed! Don’t read, don’t watch television, and don’t play on your phone. Sleep! Make sure your bedroom is nice and dark and there are no distractions. Focus on your breathing, relax your mind and shut your mind down. The best healing happens when you get good sleep. If you follow these steps, apply certain kinds of herbal and nutritional supplementation combined with acupuncture treatment, you WILL sleep better. I guarantee it!

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