Hugging The Tree
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Hugging The Tree

By lakecountry95787363, Feb 20 2020 10:13PM

Method 1

All of the essential alignments that we use for the wu chi standing position are in use with the Hugging The Tree posture. The only difference is that we raise our arms to just below shoulder height in front of our bodies as if we were holding a large ball within the insides of our arms. The arms should be steady but relaxed. The elbows should not be raised. The shoulders need to be relaxed. The hands should not connect but be close to one another.

The Focus / Intent:

In the Hugging The Tree posture we want to imagine upon the inhalation that we are drawing an energetic flow through the left hand through the forearm and through the shoulder culminating the inhalation and the energy draw through the left arm with a focus in the center of the chest (heart region). Upon exhalation we imagine this energy moving from the center of the chest down and out the right arm culminating the exhalation with the energy sensation reaching the tips of the fingers of the right hand and transitioning back into the left hand upon the start of the next inhalation/exhalation cycle.

This practice is done in 6-12-18 cycles. At the end of a cycle of breathing we then reverse the intent with the right hand/arm being where the energy enters upon inhalation and proceed as before only reversed.

Once finished with the two equal cycles of breathing and focus bring the hands down to the lower abdomen about two inches below the navel. Right hand over left for men and left hand over right for women. Breathe deeply expanding the diaphragm and abdomen to center your breathing and your focus. This completes the exercise.

Method 2

All of the same principles apply as before but the focus is different.

The Focus / Intent:

When beginning the inhalation the focus should be on energy traveling through both arms simultaneously in through the heart, down the center of the torso and situating itself 2 inches below the navel upon the culmination of the inhalation. Upon exhalation the energy should be willed down both legs simultaneously and out the bottom of the feet just behind the ball of the foot. Again cycles of breathing and focus are done in 6-12-18 rounds. Whichever one is most comfortable with.

Then simply reverse the focus with the energy being willed up the legs to the abdomen with the inhalation and up through the torso and out both arms to the hands upon exhalation.

Again upon completion of the breathing cycle in both directions bring the hands back to the abdomen and do three deep breaths.

This completes the exercise.

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