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I have been experiencing many symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, insomnia and anxiety.  The acupuncture treatments and nutritional supplements have made an amazing difference in my life.  I am now sleeping through the night, the hot flashes have almost completely diminished, and my anxiety is much more manageable.  I am so thankful to have found David Fife at Lake Country Acupuncture.

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Cathy B, Brookfield

This is my first experience with holistic healing.  This past Spring I had severe lower back pain and spasms. It was time for me to look for a new approach for healing my back that would offer a lifetime of back health.  I knew I was on the right path from the first time I sat down with David Fife.  I felt well informed about his background and methods.  I felt relief in the first two weeks and I kept getting better and healthier with further care.  Today my back is no longer slowing me down or holding me back from any of the activities I love to do.

Jane S, Nashotah

Lake Country Acupuncture has given me the relief I have always wanted.  With David Fife’s knowledge and experience he has made a tremendous improvement in my health.  It has truly been a miracle for me.

Linda A, Oconomowoc

I have been suffering from frequent acute diverticulitis attacks for the past several months.  David Fife prescribed me a combination of top quality Standard Process nutritional supplements which I have been taking for a few weeks now and am delighted with the results.  Pain and discomfort have disappeared completely.

Janet F, Waukesha

I began acupuncture treatment at Lake Country Acupuncture for tendinitis in my elbow, the result of repetitive use at work. I was skeptical; the only thing I knew about acupuncture was that it involved sticking needles into the body. I was in constant pain and anti-inflammatory medications weren't even taking the edge off any more. After one treatment I was pain-free for five hours, for the first time in six months! I have continued treatment and am now nearly 100%. David Fife and his staff have made me feel welcome and I actually enjoy my visits, something I have never said about going to the doctor! I recommend Lake Country Acupuncture to everyone who is living with pain. You don't have to - and Lake Country Acupuncture will show you how easy it can be. And... the treatment doesn't hurt!"

Jenny H, Hartland

I was referred by a friend to Lake Country Acupuncture.  I have 3 bulging discs, arthritis in my lower back and a damaged sciatic nerve.  David Fife has helped me tremendously!  I have absolutely no pain in the back and very little for the sciatic nerve.  I am so much more comfortable than I was before and would suggest to anyone to give it a try.  Well worth it.    

Mary Barwick, Helenville

At the age of 48, I began my battle with the menopause. Along with my thyroid problems, I suffered from anxiety and mild depression which caused me to have mood changes, stress and weight gain. My regular doctor had prescribed me with multiple medications to deal with all of these symptoms. The combination of all the medications caused many side effects and though I never expressed it, I was very concerned. One day, my son who had grown concerned about my unusual behavior, took me in for a consultation with Acupuncturist David Fife.


After just one session, I could feel the difference immediately. The changes that I have seen since my first session back in March 8, 2014 have motivated me to continue on this journey. So far, I have lost 27 pounds. My hot flashes are not as severe. I don't have mood changes and my depression and anxiety are gone.


I no longer have to take all of those medications that were prescribed. I did stop going to my acupuncture for several months, but I found myself falling back into a steady decline. I have now continuously kept up with my acupuncture treatments with David at Lake Country Acupuncture. I can now go on living my life feeling happy and healthy. This has not only affected my life, but my family's life as well. My husband and my son have seen the incredible changes. Thank you David! Because of the treatments, I can honestly say, I AM BACK!

Wanda Lehman, Muskego

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Wanda Lehman, Muskego

I had a major foot operation in December of 2014, I had all my toe joints on my left foot fused.   For the next 16 months I suffered from a high level of daily pain, even by following the advice of my foot surgeon and primary care physician. The numbness, swelling, edema and pain in my foot  just would not subside. It was difficult for me to make it through the day,  The only relief I had was when I went to bed at night and could take a pain pill to sleep.


I Meet David Fife, a local acupuncturist, in early April of 2016 and decided that since I tried all the main stream modern medical remedies, with very little improvement in my foot, I had to move forward, my main goal, to reduce my daily pain level.  After a consultation with David I had a good understanding of what acupuncture was and how it could help me.


After just 4 treatments the numbness and pain in my little toes almost totally went away.  We are moving forward with more treatments to reduce the numbness, edema and pain in my big toe. This was the area where the main reconstruction of my foot took place, realigning my big toe.  


I started a herbal supplement program after my 4th visit to energize my  internal healing systems in my body. What a difference taking these supplements along with my treatments have made in my daily pain level, in just a short period of time.  


I highly recommend that if you have constant pain, no matter where it is, acupuncture  and herbal supplements are an avenue that you should try. They truly are helping me.

William B, Dousman

Prior to coming to Lake Country Acupuncture, I was experiencing one to three debilitating migraines per week. They were really taking a negative toll on all aspects of my life. Between the pain and medication I was "losing" several days each month.


I met with David for my assessment and he put together a treatment plan. By sticking to the program I've been able to reduce the migraines to ONE per month! I'm thrilled to have almost eliminated those headaches and to have gotten my life back.

Doug D, Delafield

I went to Lake Country Acupuncture for a consultation to understand what could be done for an elbow issue I had.   As an avid tennis player and golfer I have had severe elbow tendinitis on a couple of occasions which would require me to treat it with physical therapy and rest.  This time around the elbow did not respond to physical therapy. On a friend’s suggestion, I decided to try acupuncture.  At my initial consultation David was very informative about the process and scheduling commitment.  We discussed in detail my elbow issue but he also inquired about any other health ailments I might be experiencing, old or new so that treatment could potentially help address those issues too.  I am happy to say I am now back on the tennis courts and playing tennis without pain.  The treatments significantly improved my elbow issue and at the same time eliminated some discomfort in a shoulder that I was experiencing.   It was great working with David Fife and his staff and based on my experience I would not hesitate recommending them.

Frank C,  Town of Delafield

I walked into the Lake Country Acupuncture clinic last December 2015 feeling very desperate. Urgency issues and bladder spasms had been going on for many years and were progressively getting worse. This was causing me to have stress, interrupted sleep at night, getting up sometimes two and three times per night, putting me in a tail spin. I have always been an active person, enjoying bike riding, cross country skiing, hiking and swimming. The bladder urgency problem was affecting my ability to enjoy activities and also normal daily routines out and about doing errands.  I was determined to take a proactive approach to my health and find relief. I was not willing to take a pill the rest of my life, which may have many disturbing side effects and might not work anyway.  I had a consultation with David Fife and he assured me that acupuncture would help me and that my body would heal itself given the proper energy and fuel it requires.  After having about 3 treatments, the spasms went completely away!  I can now sleep through the night only getting up once, if at all!  I can drive long distances in the car and not have to RUN to the bathroom at gas stations! I can bike, hike and ski without worrying about “Where’s the bathroom?!?” I have continued to get treatments through the winter and spring months and I’m feeling healthy, strong and happy again!  Acupuncture has given me my life back and I am so grateful.  David is very knowledgeable and experienced.  Lake Country Acupuncture has a calm and healing atmosphere and David and Virginia are so kind and understanding. I am very thankful that they are here in Delafield. Acupuncture works!

Jackie Nicholson

Sherri Gasper

About one year ago I was in the emergency room suffering with a very swollen knee that couldn’t bend and a swollen ankle and hand.  At the ER I found my knee was inflamed because I had a bakers sist and aggravated arthritis.  The doctor offered me some suggestions, which involved medications.  I decided before jumping on board to check out my options, which led me to acupuncture.  Acupuncture has been a Godsend to me.  Not only do I feel great, but also I have regained my joint mobility in my knee and eliminated the inflammation in my joints. I am now fully able to contract and extend my knee using full range of motion.  Along with all the progress I have made, acupuncture has also helped to lower my high blood pressure that I was taking medication for.  Because of acupuncture I am medication free and can move easily without the pain I endured before.  Thanks David for your help.

Cathy R, Oconomowoc

Coming to Lake Country Acupuncture was the best decision that I have ever made!  Essentially I have been experiencing PTSD since childhood due to several traumatic events that happened then and throughout my life.  I have been suffering with anxiety, depression as well as the desire to drink to compensate.  Since seeing David my symptoms have greatly diminished.  I truly feel like a “new” person.  I am so very grateful!

Joe F, Waukesha

I have been undergoing treatment for a little over a year now to address a knot in my upper back under my right shoulder blade that was limiting mobility in my neck and causing extreme pain and headaches -- even waking me up in the night due to extreme discomfort. The treatment plan provided was one that was clearly explained and was developed with my full participation based on my goals and comfort level. The progress has been life changing for me. While I still have some progress to make and maintain for full health, I can move my neck and arms without pain and have no limits to my mobility. I am sleeping through the night, and most importantly I am managing stress more easily due to the mindfulness that has been brought through the treatment. I am so grateful for the staff and physicians at Lake Country Acupuncture. Thank you!

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